Project Location: Spill Water Tank, Sweden

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Protection of Steel Spill Water Tank with Cemprotec E942 in Sweden

Protection of steel spill water tank for the Swedish Yeast Company.


The steel spill water tank belonging to The Swedish Yeast Company was showing evidence of corrosion internally both on the floor and structural support beams.

In line with the client’s strong environmental credentials, a water-based solution was preferred to traditional technologies.

The Solution

In selecting Cemprotec E942, it was possible to benefit from the latest corrosion control techniques without the restrictions attached to handling hazardous chemicals in a confined space. With surfaces prepared using a combination of grit blasting and needle gunning, spray equipment was used to install a 2mm layer of E942 directly on the bare metal to provide ‘stand-alone’ protection. Tested in the most onerous of conditions, the performance of Cemprotec E942 is such that it forms a true barrier to the fuels for corrosion, blocking out water, chlorides and oxygen. Passivation is additionally provided through the dual mechanism of inherently high alkalinity and the action of anodic inhibitors which are comprised in the unique formulation.


The Swedish Yeast Company