Project Location: Whiteadder Reservoir, Scotland

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Protecting Concrete Cover Against Freeze Thaw Attack at Whiteadder Reservoir

Repair and freeze thaw protection to circular concrete spillway.


The circular spillway of the Whiteadder Reservoir is bordered by an elevated walkway supported by concrete beams.

As a consequence of the exposed location, extensive freeze thaw attack of the concrete cover had occurred to cause spalling which required rectification to ensure continued integrity of the structure. In line with current legislation, a fully DWI certified system was needed to reinstate the integrity of the structure and provide an extended life.

 The Solution

In order to effectively repair the structure, it was important to thoroughly prepare by removing all damaged concrete back to a sound core to allow for cleaning of the steel to bright metal. General repairs were carried out with Monomix, and areas needing a surface levelling treatment were filled with Monolevel 844SP to a fair face finish. After re-profiling of the beams, all surfaces were sealed with Cementitious Coating 851 to both waterproof and provide an effective barrier to carbon dioxide gas, thus preventing deterioration arising from either freeze thaw cycling or carbonation.


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