Project Location: Nidd Aqueduct, North Yorkshire

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Nidd Aqueduct, North Yorkshire

Repair and waterproofing of aqueduct suffering from erosion and moorland water attack.


Built in the late 1890s the Nidd Aqueduct carries more than 120 million litres of water each day across the Yorkshire Dales.

A century’s exposure to heavy flows of acidic moorland water had resulted in severe erosion of the concrete resulting in leakage.

The Solution

One of the prime considerations was the speed of the repair owing to the importance of the water supply to the local grid. As a consequence of this, Monomix was chosen as the repair compound, a medium density hand applied mortar with excellent high build properties even in overhead situations. A shrinkage compensated formulation, Monomix is applied in single application thicknesses of up to 80mm and is very easy to finish by float to a polymer rich surface. Being so easy to use, Monomix enabled the work to be completed during a three day period after which the aqueduct was back in operation. In addition to its extremely fast curing properties, Monomix offers exceptional durability to the highly acidic water, providing a cost effective and long term solution for Yorkshire Water.


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