Project Location: Private Villa, Taipei, Taiwan

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Flexcrete's cementitious waterproofing system specified for the protection and decoration of 860m² of external Walls, plus green roof waterproofing.

Protection and Decoration of 860m² of External Walls & Green Roof Waterproofing.


Taipei is situated at the northern tip of the island of Taiwan and has a monsoon-influenced, humid climate, so when a local designer was seeking an external coating for his own villa in Taipei, the ability to withstand the harsh climatic conditions was a vital consideration.

Many modern buildings in the region are constructed with earthquake safety in mind, so the chosen wallcovering needed to be able to withstand cracking and resist mould growth as a result of earth tremors. The villa also incorporates a green roof in the design and an effective waterproofing solution was required before vegetation was planted.

The Solution

Biodex HB was chosen to coat the external walls due to its high build properties, elastomeric formulation and ability to withstand mould growth due to the biocides incorporated into the coating film. With elongation in excess of 500%, the product withstands cracking and maintains an attractive, protective appearance throughout its lifespan. As the villa is contemporary in design, the owner was seeking a unique, matt colour that would not be replicated and would stand out amongst the predominantly white and cream buildings in the surrounding area, so a special steel grey colour was created. Cementitious Coating 851 was also chosen for application to the roof due to its proven ability to waterproof structures whilst providing an eco-friendly, water-based solution. 851 could be applied direct to the damp concrete substrate to provide durable, waterproof protection able to resist root penetration. Grass and greenery were subsequently planted on the roof, along with a seating area to create a tranquil space.


Private Owner


Xrange Architecture and Design Co Ltd