Project Location: Tobago Airport aviation fuel supply line

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Corrosion Protection for Fuel Pipeline at Tobago Airport

External corrosion protection of 4” diameter aviation fuel pipeline prior to burying.


On behalf of the client, Trindad’s National Petroleum Company, an innovative solution was sought to the problem of corrosion of a buried aviation fuel supply line.

Located in soft sand in close proximity to both the coastline and swamp area, the environment is particularly aggressive leading to concern over the long term integrity of the main feed into the tank farm at Tobago Airport.

The Solution

After exposing and preparing the pipeline, a 2mm layer of Cemprotec E942 was applied directly to the steel surface to provide immediate passivation. Once cured, the E942 forms a highly durable barrier to the fuels for corrosion, blocking out water and chlorides whilst also providing enhanced chemical resistance. E942 exhibits good resistance to cathodic disbondment and is therefore compatible with the CP system which was installed. Following holiday detection testing, the pipe was inspected and buried to give many years of corrosion free life. Cemprotec E942 is water-based and therefore offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings.


National Petroleum Marketing Company, Trinidad


Trenchcoat Limited