Project Location: The Tower, Cwmbran, Wales

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Decorative Anti-Carbonation Coating Protects Cwmbran’s Tallest Building

Anti-carbonation coating applied to two chimneys which extend the height of the building.


Standing at 210 feet high and visible from miles around, The Tower is Cwmbran’s tallest building and is known as the town’s very own skyscraper. Originally built in the 1960’s, it is a 22-storey high accommodation block which was designed to act as a landmark for visitors to Cwmbran and to mask two chimneys which remove fumes from the boilers heating the water in the local shopping centre.

A major £1 million, 37-week refurbishment of The Tower was carried out by Seddon Construction, comprising over-cladding, installation of replacement windows, re-roofing work, reconstruction of the main entrance area, structural repairs to the concrete and redecoration of external areas. The renovation works were designed to protect the structural integrity of the building for at least 25 years. A protective coating was required for application to the chimneys in a special colour selected by the architects in consultation with the local residents. The idea was to enhance the original dull grey with a lighter, fresh shade of anti-carbonation paint that would be complimentary to the white overcladding.

The Solution

Monodex Smooth, a high performance, water-based, elastomeric coating, was specified for application to the reinforced concrete chimneys as it has a proven track record of use in demanding projects all around the world and is CE marked in compliance with the demands of BS EN 1504. The fact that Monodex Smooth is waterborne was also a vital consideration, as it was important that no hazardous solvents or strong odours were released during application, ensuring no disruption to residents living in The Tower.

Providing outstanding protection against carbonation and water ingress, Monodex Smooth still allows damp substrates to breathe. It also resists the growth of mould and fungi thanks to its encapsulated in-film biocide, so will ensure that the chimneys maintain a bright, clean appearance for many years. Bond-Prime was first applied to the substrate prior to the application of Monodex Smooth. A special colour of Monodex Smooth was created for this project and the end result was a highly attractive, protective finish.


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