Project Location: Staalehuset Salt & Fish Warehouse, Norway

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Concrete Repair & Protection for Multi-Use Conference Facility

Repair & Protection of Reinforced Concrete Suffering from Salt Induced Corrosion of the Reinforcement


The Staalehuset Salt & Fish Warehouse was built in 1919 by Steffen Staalesen, who was Norway’s largest exporter of herrings with nearly 2,000 employees.

When completed, it was the largest concrete building in Art Nouveau style in Northern Europe. However, over time, salt had penetrated into the concrete causing the steel reinforcement to the internal beams and columns to corrode resulting in extensive spalling. A major refurbishment was undertaken in 2006 to transform the building into Norway’s leading conference, restaurant and concert facility.

The Solution

Working to a tight budget, the building owners were seeking a solution which would not require the cleaning of steel reinforcement to SA2½. Fulfilling this requirement, 2 coats of Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 were immediately applied following basic cleaning of the exposed steel. The concrete repair system included Monolite mortar and the pillars finally covered with Monolevel FC to give a smooth, waterproof finish.


Staalehuset Haugesund AS