Project Location: Gunters Reservoir, Saffron Walden

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Concrete Repair and Protection of Gunters Reservoir

Concrete repair and protection of 2,000m² surface suffering from soft water attack.


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Aggregate in the cement matrix was exposed on the surface of the square concrete columns and bases as a result of contact with softened water over the years.

The Solution

The preparation of the walls, floor, columns and bases had resulted in many surface defects and cavities and these were filled and the substrate consolidated by using Monolevel 844SP, an engineering quality render, resulting in a superb mechanical key for Cementitious Coating 851 as the final waterproofing layer. 851 was spray applied to both the walls and floor area, providing effective concrete cover as well as chemical resistance to softened water. All these products have passed the exacting demands to gain approval by the Secretary of State for use in contact with potable water.


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