Project Location: Residential Properties, Cumbria

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Flexcrete's anti-carbonation coating Monodex Smooth has been applied on residential properties to provide decorative protection of external walls.

Decorative Protection for External Walls


A protective yet decorative anti-carbonation paint was sought for two privately owned residential properties in Cumbria. The first was a three-storey property in Lindal-in-Furness. The neighbouring property had been coated with a Flexcrete product some years before and the owners were impressed with its attractive appearance and performance over time.

The second property was Midtown Farmhouse, another privately owned residence, this time in Beckermet. In both cases, the owners wanted to enhance the external appearance of the properties whilst providing effective weatherproof, anti-carbonation protection.

The Solution

Monodex Smooth was specified as a high performance external wall coating for both properties. The owners were impressed with its 15-year guaranteed life span, its track record of successful use worldwide on both residential and commercial properties, and its backing with CE marking in accordance with BS EN 1504, the pan European standard for surface protection systems for concrete.

With high diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide, Monodex Smooth offers complete protection from the effects of carbonation yet it allows damp substrates to breathe. As it is water-based, it is completely safe to use with no hazardous solvents or strong odour released, so there was no disruption to the residents living in the properties. With an ultra-fast drying formulation and rapid application by brush, roller or airless spray, it enables two coat applications on the same day and facilitates all-year round usage even in inclement weather conditions.

Monodex Smooth resists the growth of mould and fungi and maintains a bright, clean appearance throughout its design life. It is available in a range of attractive colours as standard and special colours can be created on request. Cream was chosen for Midtown Farmhouse and mushroom was selected for the three-storey property.


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