Project Location: SoleMare Park Suites, Manila, Philippines

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Anti-Carbonation Coating for Pre-Cast Concrete Facade

Decorative protection for 22,000m² pre-cast concrete facade.


Originally conceived by Imelda Marcos as Manila’s new entertainment centre, Bay City is situated on 1,500 hectares of reclaimed land just 15 minutes from the domestic and international airports.

Nestled at the heart of the area, SoleMare ParkSuites, is a twin tower, 18 storey residential investment by high-end developer, Anchor Land Holdings Inc. Standing on a concrete pile foundation, SoleMare ParkSuites is a shining example of the European inspired architecture that has proven so popular throughout Asia.

The Solution

The façade represents a lavish combination of features incorporating columns enhanced with bespoke moulding and railing designs. The aesthetic impact is completed with the contrast of colours between the podium and the towers which rise above it. To achieve a high quality decorative finish that will provide a minimum 10 years’ protection for the reinforced concrete frame, Monodex Ultra was specified. Monodex Ultra, a high performance anti-carbonation coating, prevents the ingress of rainwater, chlorides and carbon dioxide. It halts carbonation by providing protection equal to an extra 50cm of concrete cover.


Anchor Land Holdings Inc


UKUSA Inc, Philippines (Coatings)

DDT Konstract Inc (General)

ASYA Design Partners (Designer)