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Protection of garage and vehicle repair floors at Espoo Motor Centre in Finland

Our hard-wearing Cemprotec E-Floor system has been used to protect garage and vehicle repair concrete floors totalling 1,100m² at a brand new motoring concept in Finland.

Cemprotec E-Floor, a self-smoothing, water-based, epoxy and cement modified polymer coating, was specified for application to the concrete floors at Espoo Motor Centre as an alternative to standard epoxy floor toppings due to its superior protection. Espoo is Finland’s second largest city and Finnish contractor YIT Construction developed this brand new motoring concept beside the primary motorway coming out of Espoo. The Motor Centre houses a total of eight automotive firms specialising in vehicle repairs, accident damage, tyre replacement and windscreen repairs.

Harry Lampinen is one such company within the Motor Centre, the leading body shop vehicle repair operator in Finland which works on behalf of all Finnish insurance companies. The idea of the Motor Centre complex is that motorists will deal with their emergency and routine vehicle repair and maintenance on their way out of the city. YIT Construction is developing similar Motor Centres in several other cities around Finland.

YIT Construction were seeking a durable, hard-wearing floor coating system for application to the garage and vehicle repair concrete floors within Espoo Motor Centre. Due to the presence of oils, petrol, diesel and other substances such as de-icing salts, it was important that the chosen flooring system exhibited excellent chemical resistance and was also both impact and abrasion resistant.

Cemprotec E-Floor was chosen because of the below capabilities:

  • Cemprotec E-Floor cures to form a dense, hard-wearing, waterproof surface
  • It’s exceptional resistance to abrasion impact, chloride ions and aggressive chemicals
  • The ability to be applied to the freshly laid concrete floor without waiting for a full 28 day cure

Applied at just 2mm, it is able to resist freeze/thaw attack and develops high early strength, enabling rapid reinstatement of traffic.

Cemprotec E-Floor is fully waterproof and offers low permeability to water even at 10 bar positive pressure. It prevents the ingress of chlorides and its high strength finish protects the underlying concrete from mechanical damage caused by studded tyres and the corrosive influence on embedded steel reinforcement caused by deposits of de-icing salts from vehicles. In Finland, it is mandatory that vehicles must be fitted with winter tyres, normally studded tyres on all wheels from December until the end of the following February to cope with the harsh conditions.

As Cemprotec E-Floor is pre-packaged, it only requires mixing on-site and due to its waterborne composition, it is low hazard releasing no harmful solvents or strong odour during application. Cemprotec E-Floor was supplied by our distributor in Finland, PiiMat Oy and was applied by contractor SPT Painting Oy.