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Private Villa, Taipei, Taiwan

With use all around the world, Flexcrete concrete coatings need to have the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions without deterioration for many years. In one of the latest examples, Biodex HB was specified by a local designer for application to the external walls of his own villa in Taipei, Taiwan, with earthquake safety in mind. The island of Taiwan has been affected by many earthquakes over the years, including the most serious in 1999 which tragically killed almost 2,500 people.

Biodex HB is a high build, flexible biostatic matt finish coating with encapsulated biocide technology. With elongation of more than 500%, the coating is highly elastomeric and able to withstand cracking as a result of earth tremors. Its active biocide also withstands mould growth – a common problem with buildings in areas susceptible to earthquakes. As the villa is contemporary in design, the owner was seeking a unique colour that would not be replicated and would stand out amongst the predominantly white and cream buildings in the surrounding area. A special steel grey colour was formulated for this project, resulting in the villa having a highly decorative, imposing and protective appearance for many years to come.

The villa also incorporates a green roof in the design and an effective waterproofing solution was required before vegetation was planted. Cementitious Coating 851 was chosen for application to the roof due to its proven ability to waterproof structures whilst providing an eco-friendly, water-based solution. Cementitious Coating 851 could be applied direct to the damp concrete substrate to provide durable, waterproof protection able to resist root penetration. Grass and greenery were subsequently planted on the roof, along with a seating area to create a tranquil space.