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Monolevel 250F Fine Grade Fairing Coat

A brand new addition to our product range is Monolevel 250F, a fine grade fairing coat. Supplied as a single component, polymer modified, cementitious mortar only requiring the addition of clean water on-site, Monolevel 250F fills blow holes, cracks and other surface defects prior to the application of Flexcrete specialist coatings.

Monolevel 250F is designed for use on existing sound painted surfaces, concrete, mosaic and mineral substrates. Suitable for vertical, horizontal, internal and external applications, it can be used for the repair and protection of walls, soffits, balconies and many other areas to provide a smooth, anti-mapping finish. Monolevel 250F can be used on substrates where crazing is evident, as it demonstrates excellent adhesion and the minimum of surface preparation is required. Only pressure washing is needed prior to the application of Monolevel 250F, as opposed to grit blasting which can prove to be noisy, messy, inconvenient and costly.

Flexcrete Director Graham James said: “Monolevel 250F is an excellent addition to our product range as it offers a whole host of benefits. It provides a smooth, even, protective finish before re-painting and is a cost-effective option as no primers are required, only minimal surface preparation is needed and it simply requires the addition of water on-site to provide an adhesive mortar which can be rapidly applied by bag-rubbing, trowel or spatula. It can be applied up to 4mm in a single layer.”

Monolevel 250F is primarily designed to be overcoated with a specialist coating from our Monodex anti-carbonation range or Biodex internal range to provide a protective, aesthetic finish. Like other products in the Flexcrete range, Monolevel 250F is a low hazard, non-toxic, waterborne product and cures without releasing hazardous solvents or heavy odour. It is also CE marked in accordance with EN1504-3, the pan European standard for concrete repair.