Project Location: Bontuchel Fish Pass, Denbighshire

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Corrosion Protection for Steel Sheet Piling at Bontuchel Fish Pass in Denbighshire

Corrosion protection to new steel sheet piling.


The Bontuchel Fish Pass is a new construction with the specific purpose of stocking the River Clwyd and its tributaries with 15,000 migrating sea trout and salmon.

The structure consists of a downstream pool and weir pass and an upstream ladder to allow the fish safe access. The sheet piling which makes up these structures needed to be protected from corrosion.

The Solution

The project was designed with the environmental benefits in mind, and it was important to reflect this in the selection of the corrosion control system. Flexcrete’s range is water-based throughout and does not pose any threat to the marine life. Furthermore, preparation to Sa 2½ is not required and slight dampness on the surface is not detrimental. Initially Cemprotec Clutch Filler was applied with a pointing gun to flush fill the clutches and this was followed by an overall spray application of Cemprotec E942, both materials being cement and epoxy modified polymer coatings. The Cemprotec system is fast curing and will withstand early immersion, forming a complete barrier.


Environment Agency Wales


Bullen Consultants / Gables UK Limited

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