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Biodex HB the Creme de la Creme of Hygiene Coatings

Juustoportti is a family-run business which has grown from a small farm creamery to a state-of-the-art dairy, creamery and café employing almost 100 people. With its dairy located in the centre of Jalasjärvi, Southern Finland, Juustoportti also operates from various other locations across the country, including cheese cellar outlets in shopping centres.

The business began with the purchase of just one cow named Isabella, and it has grown to utilise 17 million litres of cow’s milk each year to produce bread cheese, feta, mozzarella, yoghurt and sour cream. Juustoportti operates one of the most modern dairies in Finland so during refurbishment of the production areas, it is was critical to select a hygienic, easy clean wall covering which would minimise disruption to production during application.

A waterborne, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coating, Biodex HB, was specified as it is designed for use in hygiene sensitive areas such as dairies due to its ability to actively combat the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts. Formulated using state-of-the-art silver ion technology combined with the latest biocide technology, it incorporates active in-film protection, allowing for the ultra-slow controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film. As Biodex HB is water-based, it is totally safe to use in food manufacturing facilities as it rapidly cures without releasing strong odour or hazardous solvents, and the in-film protection is non-toxic which means it will not taint foodstuffs in close proximity. Furthermore, Biodex HB is elastomeric in formulation and can withstand humid conditions, extreme temperature changes and permanently wet conditions without deterioration – an important factor in environments such as this where rigorous cleaning regimes are carried out on a daily basis.

The Distributor for the Juustoportti project was PiiMat Oy.