Flexcrete research and development

Leading the Way in Technology & Innovation

Flexcrete is known industry-wide and across the globe as a high calibre, technology-driven company.  We continue to invest heavily in Research and Development to ensure that we can offer the most technologically advanced and innovative repair and protection materials available today for refurbishment or new build projects.
Our Cementitious Coating 851 was launched into the market over 30 years ago and its performance in resisting chloride ions has still not been bettered.  Even products like Monomix and Fastfill launched in 1988 are still renowned for their ease of use and reliable application to provide long durability to help achieve the design life of new and existing structures.
Relocation to the Leyland site in 2006 provided increased R&D capacity with the Concrete Laboratory being augmented with a separate Analytical Lab and Equipment Room.  Further expansion of the site in 2010 marked a move into different fields of technology development with a newly built R&D Centre dedicated to the design of a new range of fluid applied membranes.  This venture has proved particularly successful and has driven export success in our core European and Asian markets.
Our experienced team of formulators focus on developing new innovative products, which achieve the highest levels of technical performance, yet are easy to apply in demanding conditions on-site around the world.  To emphasise our commitment to the environment, existing product ranges are continually updated to adopt innovations in safe, water-based minimal VOC Technologies and incorporate the latest advances in recycled materials.  For many years we have pioneered the use of waterborne technology to match the performance of traditional resin systems and that philosophy remains the mainstay of our technological innovation today.
We also direct considerable technical resources towards achieving and maintaining our ISO accreditations, CE Marks and other wide-ranging physical tests to support our market development efforts.  With the complexity of our formulations, close interaction between our R&D and QC functions is vital to ensure that Flexcrete materials stand up to the highest possible scrutiny.
Noted as one of the top ten companies in the 2016 global ‘Markets & Markets’ industry analysis, we collaborate with an increasingly diverse client base to provide added value, niche technology.  Our partnership arrangements include the development of enhanced systems on behalf of third party manufacturers, and the development of bespoke products to meet the specific demands of certain OEM processes.
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