Waterborne Anti-Corrosive Primer for Metal and Difficult to Adhere to Substrates


Metal-Prime WB is a waterborne, epoxy and acrylic-based anti-corrosion primer. Ultimately designed to prime substrates and promote adhesion prior to the application of one of our decorative and protective membranes, Metal-Prime WB is a single component product and is compatible with a wide range of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and difficult to adhere to substrates including steel, lead, zinc, aluminium, copper, flashband, bitumen paint and roofing felt. It is ideally suited for use in combination with our Roofdex HB cold applied liquid roofing system for the anti-corrosion protection of roofs with metallic protrusions.

As well as Roofdex HB, Metal-Prime WB is also compatible with many other Flexcrete membranes and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including wall areas with metal protrusions, industrial and marine projects and even internal applications. As Metal-Prime WB is water-based, it is environmentally sound with ultra-low VOC levels and minimal odour, so it can be applied in enclosed locations with no adverse effects.


  • Single component product – no complex mixing on-site.
  • Water-based product with ultra-low VOC levels.
  • Forms a distinctive oxide red film upon application, ensuring even coverage of the substrate.
  • Extremely effective at preventing flash rusting and rust creep around holidays or areas of damage.
  • Phosphate free formulation.
  • Cures rapidly even at temperatures as low as 5°C.
  • Can be overcoated within just 30 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime.
  • Can be used as an anti-corrosive product without a top coat in low demand internal applications.
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