Water Based Curing Compound (BBA)


Curing Membrane WB is a specially formulated, water based Curing compound utilising advanced acrylic copolymers, which is designed for use with the Flexcrete Repair & Protection System. It is non-degrading, enabling it to be used externally as a sealer or readily overcoated with specialist Membranes from the Flexcrete range.

Flexcrete Curing Membrane WB is a non-degrading formulated acrylic resin sealer, which forms an elastic, durable matrix within the surface of cementitious substrates. When used with Flexcrete Repair Mortars and Coatings, it conforms to the requirements for water retention given in ASTM C309. The product is water based and has BBA Certification making it ideal for use in confined areas. When cured, it shows excellent resistance to blushing and weathering and can also be used as a sealer coat for concrete.


  • Spray as supplied onto freshly placed repair mortars, fairing coatings, cementitious coatings or concrete.
  • Convenient alternative to the use of traditional curing aids such as polythene sheeting, damp hessian or sand.
  • Non-yellowing, stable product not significantly altering the appearance of mortar/concrete.
  • Retains over 85% of the water in the repair mortar during the first 72 hours.
  • Safe, water-based product ideal for use in confined areas.
  • Non-degrading membrane which enhances adhesion when overcoated with Flexcrete specialist Membranes.


Approved by the BBA, Certificate No. 05/4276. ASTM C309.

Curing Membrane WB can be applied using Graco Pumps (See Airless Spraying of Decorative Protective Coatings & Membranes Graco Pumps).

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