Project: Jästbolaget Yeast Manufacturing Plant, Sollentuna, Sweden.

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Hygienic Coatings applied at Jästbolaget Yeast Manufacturing Plant, Sollentuna, Sweden

Hygienic protection of internal walls and ceilings in production and storage areas.


Jästbolaget is the largest yeast manufacturer in Sweden, with its state-of-the-art factory based in Sollentuna, Stockholm. The company produces around 20,000 tonnes of yeast a year for bread and speciality products including sourdough and sweet breads.

The company’s yeast manufacturing facility is one of the most modern in Europe with a huge fermentation tank added to the plant in 1980. During refurbishment of the production and storage areas, it was crucial that any products specified would not taint any foodstuffs used in the manufacturing processes. It was also important that there was minimal disruption and downtime during refurbishment, in order that normal processes could continue as soon as possible.

The Solution

Biodex Sheen – a tough, water-based, biostatic coating with encapsulated biocide and silver ion technology – was chosen for application to the wall and ceiling areas as it is designed for use in food manufacturing facilities and provides a seamless, anti-microbial finish with active protection against the growth of mould and bacteria. As Biodex Sheen has a waterborne composition, it releases no solvents or heavy odours during application and is non-tainting and non-leaching, so it could be safely used in this heavily regulated and controlled environment. Biodex Sheen could be rapidly applied over the existing substrate by brush and roller, which was an important consideration as there were various protrusions which the hygienic coating could easily mould around. Due to the vapour permeable and elastomeric properties of Biodex Sheen, it is able to withstand the extreme temperate changes used in the yeast manufacturing process without cracking, flaking or other forms of deterioration. Biodex Sheen is rapid curing and manufacturing processes could resume within just 24-48 hours of application.


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