Clear Lacquer for Concrete Floors


Cemprotec Sandseal 75 - concrete floor repair sealantCemprotec Sandseal 75 is a hard wearing, single pack, solvent-based, polyurethane clear lacquer for protecting concrete floors and smooth Cemprotec E-Floor finishes. It can also be used in combination with sanded Cemprotec E-Floor to help seal in and retain the sand to provide a slip resistant, decorative surface with excellent abrasion and wearing characteristics.

Cemprotec Sandseal 75 is a single pack, clear aliphatic polyurethane lacquer with good light stability and chemical resistance.

Benefiting from an advanced, moisture-triggered curing mechanism, Cemprotec Sandseal 75 can be applied to damp but surface-dry substrates, curing quickly to form a tough, glossy finish.


  • Single component material which is easily applied by roller or brush.
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Further enhances the chemical resistance of Cemprotec E-Floor.
  • Can be applied to damp but surface-dry substrates.
  • Moisture triggered curing mechanism rapidly gives a tough glossy finish.


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Uses Application Method Application Thickness Performance Pack Yield

Clear, hard wearing, single component, polyurethane coating for protecting / sealing Cemprotec E-Floor.

  • Brush
  • Squeegee
  • Roller
  • Spray
  • 6-7m²/litre/coat (sanded)
  • 10-14m²/litre/coat (smooth)


  • 30-35m²/5 litres (sanded surfaces)
  • 50-70m²/5 litres (smooth surfaces)

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