Clear, Waterborne Anti-Carbonation Coating


Monodex Clear Anti-Carbonation CoatingMonodex Clear is a transparent, weather resistant, elastomeric waterborne coating for use where it is important to maintain the surface appearance of the concrete substrate, whilst still providing excellent anti-carbonation and weatherproof protection. Designed for application to external walls and faҫades, it is ideal for application to decorative concrete finishes, exposed aggregate panels, textured concrete, heritage applications, coloured concrete and other cementitious substrates. With an attractive, clear, satin gloss finish which sheds dirt and retains clarity throughout its long life, it is applied without a primer and significantly prolongs the maintenance free life of buildings and other structures.

Providing an effective barrier to water penetration, Monodex Clear prevents acid rain attack and the ingress of airborne chlorides, whilst also allowing the release of moisture from the substrate.

High diffusion resistance to CO2Benefits

  • Water-based, virtually odourless coating with minimal VOC content. Equipment easily cleaned with water and no flash point
  • High diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide, offering outstanding protection against the effects of carbonation, chloride ions and aggressive chemicals
  • Achieves an equivalent air layer resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion of 81m
  • Cures to form a clear, satin-gloss finish which retains the surface texture and original appearance of the original substrate
  • Active Biocide TechnologySelf-priming and rapid drying, allowing two coat applications in a single day
  • Incorporates an active encapsulated in-film biocide which combats the growth of unsightly mould, mildew and lichens
  • Water-repellent finish preventing water ingress, yet allowing damp substrates to breathe and dry out without blistering
  • Provides excellent dirt and UV resistance
  • Accelerated weathering tests to EN 1062-11 show no discernible deterioration after 2,500 hours, equating to approximately 10 years’ natural exposure
  • Sustainable CoatingsElastomeric and able to bridge hairline cracks without chipping or flaking
  • Single component product, ready for use with no complex mixing on-site

Monodex Clear can be applied using Graco Pumps (see the  Airless Spraying of Decorative Protective Coatings Membranes Graco Pumps).

Specification Clause

The anti-carbonation coating shall be a single component, waterborne, transparent coating that is CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504-2. It shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Permeability to Carbon Dioxide no greater than 2.76 x 10-7 cm2/s in accordance with EN 1062-6 (equivalent concrete thickness of 210mm and equivalent air layer thickness 83m at 150μm dry film thickness)
  • No blistering, cracking or flaking after at least 2,500 hours QUV-B weathering in accordance with EN 1062-11
  • Water vapour transmission no greater than 50g/m²/day in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783-2.

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Uses Application Method Application Thickness Performance Pack Yield

Clear, waterborne anti-carbonation coating with high diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion

  • Airless spray
  • Brush
  • Roller

1st Coat 200µm 2nd Coat 200µm Overall DFT= Nominal 150 μm

Elongation = 175% Permeability to Carbon Dioxide – Equivalent air layer thickness: R, = 81m at 150μm DFT An effective barrier to CO2 is R >50m Equivalent Concrete Thickness: Sc = 202mm

5 and 15 litre plastic containers 0.20 litres/m²/coat 5.0m²/litre/coat

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