Free-Flowing Cementitious Repair Mortar for Large Scale Concrete Repairs

OverviewMonopour pourable repair mortar

Monopour is an advanced polymer modified, shrinkage compensated, waterproof cementitious repair mortar which is designed for large areas of concrete repair and heavy duty applications beneath base plates, plinths and stanchion bases. It is available in two grades – Monopour PG which is a free-flowing grout and Monopour PC6 which is a micro-concrete. It is ideal for pouring, pumping or trowelling and cures rapidly, developing high early and long-term strength and allowing quick reinstatement.

Monopour PG grout has a maximum aggregate size of 2.5mm for application thicknesses up to 100mm whilst Monopour PC6 micro-concrete has a maximum aggregate size of 6mm for larger depths in excess of 50mm.


  • Non-shrinl, free-flowing materialIncorporates the latest proven cement chemistry, microsilica and styrene acrylic copolymer technology.
  • Pre-packaged material only requiring mixing with clean water on-site to give the ideal consistency for pouring, pumping or trowelling.
  • Available in two grades – a free-flowing grout and a micro-concrete.
  • Rapid curing with high early strength development.
  • Outstanding protection from the ingress of acid gases, moisture and chlorides.
  • Non-shrink, free flowing material – the aggregate shape and grading have been specially chosen to facilitate. mixing and to Sustainability Icon singlemaximise flow and minimise the risk of segregation and bleeding.
  • Eradicates risk of staining or degradation resulting from corrosion.
  • All admixtures are chloride-free with strictly controlled alkali content.
  • Easily overcoated with specialist membranes to provide further protection and aesthetic quality.


Fully complies with the Highways Agency Standard BD 27/86 for the repair of Highway Structures.

Specification Clause

The repair mortar shall be a free-flowing, polymer modified, shrinkage compensated, waterproof cementitious repair mortar. It shall be fully compliant with Highways Agency Standard BD 27/86 for the repair of Highway Structures and shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Bond strength after 28 days of >50 MPa/mm² in accordance with BS 6319 Part 4
  • Compressive strength at 20°C of at least 15 MPa in 1 day and 60 MPa in 28 days.
Uses Application Method Application Thickness Performance Pack Yield

Shrinkage compensated, waterproof, polymer modified, pourable grout (PG) or micro concrete (PC6) with excellent flow properties.

  • Pump
  • Pourable
  • Trowel



  • 5-100mm (PG) / 50-200mm (PC6)


  • 1 day 15-20MPa (PG) / 20-25MPa (PC6)
  • 7 days 47-52MPa (PG) / 50-55MPa (PC6)
  • 28 days 60-65MPa (PG) / 65-70MPa (PC6)


  • 12.5 litres (PG) / 12.2 litres (PC6)
  • 80 packs per m³ / 82 packs per m³ (PC6)
  • Density: 2225kg/m³ (PG) / 2275kg/m³ (PC6)

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