Open Textured Glass Scrim for General Reinforcement of Cementitious Coatings and Renders


Cemprotec Scrim is a latex coated, open weave glass scrim designed for the reinforcement of Flexcrete cementitious mortars and coatings. It is available in two grades – standard Cemprotec Scrim and Cemprotec Edge Scrim. Standard Cemprotec Scrim is especially suited for general reinforcement over large areas of cracking, crazing, weak or friable substrates, such as insulation, to provide additional tensile strength and impact resistance. Cemprotec Edge Scrim is designed for localised reinforcement over cracks or joints to provide increased tensile strength. It can also be used over welds or edges of steel sections to ensure the correct film thickness.


  • Excellent resistance to alkaline environments.
  • Easily cut to the desired length to reinforce a range of different areas.
  • Tough glass mesh provides multi-directional tensile strength.
  • Cemprotec Edge Scrim is self-adhesive and will adhere directly to steel substrates.


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Uses Application Method Application Thickness Performance Pack Yield

Flexible open textured glass scrim for reinforcing cementitious coatings over welds or on edges.

  • Brush
  • Hand

50mm wide


90m roll

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