Project: Leroy Merlin Commercial Centre, Italy

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Concrete Repair & Protection for Underground Water Storage Tank

Concrete Repair, Protection & Waterproofing of Deteriorated Fire Water Storage Tank


Planning Consultants Eletecno Spa, contacted Rivestimenti Speciali SRL concerning the inner lining of the buried concrete fire safety water storage tank located at the Leroy Merlin Commercial Centre.

The surface of the concrete tank was badly deteriorated, with spalling and cracks resulting in water leakage. The primary requirement was to repair and waterproof the tank as quickly as possible in order to restore legal working conditions and minimise the disruption of trade.

The Solution

Structural repairs to large cracks and voids were carried out with Monomix, a high strength, low density mortar, whilst superficial cavities and honeycombing were reinstated with Monolevel 844SP. Subsequently the entire surface was covered with a 2mm layer of Cementitious Coating 851, a waterproof coating which is fully compatible with the parent concrete. 851 is designed for constant immersion, and being water-based it is safe and easy to apply. Once cured, it gives excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.


Eltecno SpA, Italy


Rivestimenti Speciali SRL, Italy

Project Profile - Leroy Merlin In Italy

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