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Concrete Repair, Protection & Waterproofing

Flexcrete Technologies is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of engineering quality technical mortars and high performance coatings. Our products are available both in the UK and from international distributors around the world.

We develop our products using advanced waterborne technology, so they cure without the release of hazardous solvents or odour and are the environmentally friendly option.

As the first British manufacturer to achieve CE Mark registration in compliance with EN1504, the pan European standard for concrete repair, our products can be relied upon with absolute confidence.

Whatever your construction project, we have the specialist products, expert knowledge and technical support to assist.

We provide innovative solutions for the following applications:

  • Concrete repair - structural and cosmetic
  • Decorative anti-carbonation protection
  • Reinstatement of low concrete cover
  • Structural waterproofing and tanking
  • DWI approved fairing coats, mortars and linings
  • Waterproofing of floors and decked areas
  • Chloride protection for marine concrete
  • Corrosion protection for steel
  • Biostatic coatings for use in hygienic areas

Our performance figures are unparalleled - see how they compare to our competitors including Fosroc, Sika, Weber, BASF and Parex.

It’s Official: Flexcrete's Cementitious Coating 851 Stops Chlorides for 24 Years

Flexcrete's Products are CPR Compliant

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

The construction industry has recently undergone the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold throughout Europe. From 1 July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), it is mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their products which are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA). This is a major change as CE marking under the previous Construction Products Directive (CPD) was voluntary in the UK. Flexcrete, realising the importance of such accreditation for its home and European markets, was the first British owned company to achieve CE Marking in accordance with EN1504 for its concrete repair and protection products back in 2008. In addition to having the CE Mark on Technical Data Sheets and labels, it is now also mandatory for each product to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP), which states the classification achieved and the technical data relevant for that product. For your convenience, these are available on this website on each product page and also on the full product listing page. A full list is also included below:

Biodex HB, Cementitious Coating 851, Cemprotec E942, Cemprotec E-Floor, Cemprotec E-Floor HB, Cemprotec Elastic, Cemprotec Levelling Coat, Fastfill, Marine Mortar S, Monodex Smooth, Monodex Textured, Monodex Ultra, Monolevel 250F, Monolevel 844SP, Monolevel FC, Monolite, Monomix, Monomix HD, Monomix WS, Monorub, Steel Reinforcement Protector 841, Tiefill and Unimatch.

It’s Official: Flexcrete's Cementitious Coating 851 Stops Chlorides for 24 Years

It’s Official: Flexcrete's Cementitious Coating 851 Stops Chlorides for 25 Years

The ability of one of our core products - Cementitious Coating 851 - to prevent chloride ingress is an important consideration in many projects and now we have the evidence to prove that 851 stops the penetration of chlorides for almost a quarter of a century.

Back in 1988, a 2mm thick film of Cementitious Coating 851 was applied to a concrete slice and sealed in a chloride ion diffusion cell in the laboratory at the VINCI Construction Technology Centre and it is still going strong some 25 years later. Tests recently carried out show that the barrier properties of 851 are such that a steady state of flux of chloride ions through the coated concrete has not been attained after a test period spanning 25 years, whereas the control concrete achieved this in just 28 days.

Chloride attack is one of the primary causes of damage in reinforced concrete structures exposed to de-icing salts and marine environments. When a certain threshold of chlorides is reached at the concrete-reinforcement interface, the steel rebars start to corrode.

As this test shows, 851 has remarkable resistance to chloride attack. It is a product that has been chosen for prestigious projects all around the world, not only for its chloride resistance but also its diffusion resistance to oxygen and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it has exceptional waterproof protection, resisting positive and negative pressure under a 100 metre hydrostatic head. Flexcrete's Cementitious Coating 851 has been used at King’s Cross Station in London, Doha Corniche in Qatar and the Kwai Chung Container Terminal in Hong Kong, to name a few.

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Cementitious Coating 851

Flexcrete's Products are CPR Compliant

Worldwide Demand for Flexcrete Products Leads to Expansion

To meet increased demand for its range of products from home and overseas markets, Flexcrete has extended its manufacturing complex in Leyland, Lancashire, by acquiring an additional 2500m² of industrial space adjoining its existing facility.

The new buildings have been extensively refurbished and extended and a dedicated Technical Centre has been constructed, housing new Research and Development Laboratories and a Training Suite for Flexcrete customers.

New state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is in place to manufacture a range of high performance products, including the MONODEX range of coatings for the external and internal protection of buildings and other structures and BIODEXcoatings for internal walls and ceilings in hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals and food manufacturing facilities. The new MONODEX and BIODEX products have been produced following extensive in-house research utilising the most modern chemistry available, and sales have already been achieved in Asia and the Americas, as well as to European markets including Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

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Monodex Smooth
Monodex Ultra
Biodex HB
Biodex Sheen

Solutions by Market Sector

  • Civil Engineering & Buildings

    Innovative solutions to solve concrete repair problems, reinstate structural integrity and provide an aesthetic finish.

  • Decorative Protective Coatings

    Waterborne, weatherproof anti-carbonation coatings, plus anti-microbial finishes for internal use in hygiene sensitive environments.

  • Water Industry

    Repair and protection systems for the clean and dirty water industries, including products approved for use in public water supplies.

  • Coastal Engineering

    Specialist materials for the repair and protection of reinforced concrete and steel structures in aggressive coastal and marine environments.

  • Floors & Trafficked Areas

    Advanced epoxy and cementitious modified coatings designed to provide floors with years of effective waterproof and chemical resistant protection.

  • Anti-Corrosion

    High performance anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of steel and other ferrous metals in onerous environments.


Latest News

  • Effective Waterproofing and Protection at Pontsticill

    Effective Waterproofing and Protection at Pontsticill

    The water industry is one of our key market sectors is at Flexcrete and our products are often used for both clean and dirty water projects both at home and abroad.

  • Launch of Clear, Waterborne Anti-Carbonation Coating

    Launch of Clear, Waterborne Anti-Carbonation Coating

    We are pleased to announce we have launched a clear, water-based anti-carbonation coating which offers exceptional resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion.

  • One of the Most Technically Demanding Projects Ever Undertaken on the UK Railway

    One of the Most Technically Demanding Projects Ever Undertaken on the UK Railway

    Flexcrete's Monomix and Monolevel FC chosen for the redevelopment of the London Bridge Station


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